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Bio-cellulose is the finest material currently being used in the skincare industry with origins that go back to its use in the medical field. A strong water-loving, skin-like material was developed to treat severe burns by acting like a “second skin” to heal wounds from the inside-out. Bio-cellulose is able to hold up to 100 times its dry weight in moisture, while keeping a tight fit to open pores and allow for maximum absorption.

Made to order, our bio-cellulose masks are cultured with all natural, plant-based ingredients for at least 10 days before packaging. During their creation process, our masks are kept completely sterile and pure to ensure their medical grade and quality. Because of this medical-grade complexity, we assure all of our customers that the results of just one application will last 3-5 times longer than any other over-the-counter skincare product.

What's our secret? Find out. 


 Hydrophilic: maximum moisture absorption into the deepest layer of your skin.

Perfect fitness: fit to all the curves and contours of your face like a second skin.

Great for sensitive skin: toxin-free, natural, hypoallergenic.

Instant and long lasting result: after just one application.


I only wish that I started using this when my sensitive skin first started, it would have made life a lot easier.

Kevin Z.

I have been using the Skin Revitalization Masks for 2 weeks now and have seen significant results. My face has gotten much smoother and nicer to touch, with much less irritation!

Xavier S.

The Facial Cleanser and the Skin Balancing Lotion is simple to use and easily replaces the old stuff you've been using, but with better results!

Craig C.

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