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5 Most Common Skin Damaging Mistakes

When you go to the beach, what’s the first thing you should bring with you? And no, the answer isn’t beer. When it comes to your skin, even the most pleasurable things can be damaging; including the beach (sun) and beer. Let’s run through some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to keeping their skin safe from harm, and how you can attempt to turn back the clock.

  1. Dehydration: People aren't kidding when they say that water is the essence of life. Up to 60% of the your body consists of H2O, and your skin needs that water to stay healthy and retain its youthfulness. By drinking alcohol, coffee, or any other tasty beverage with dehydrating properties you can deplete your skin of the water it needs to remain at baseline, resulting in wrinkles and dryness. There is much controversy over how many cups of water we should drink per day but as a rule of thumb, just remember that if you’re dying of thirst, your body is already dehydrated! So keep on sipping…all day.
  2. Cleanliness: How often do you clean your iPhone’s beautifully greasy touchscreen? Or your sunglasses before you put them on every hot summer morning? Chances are, not much. Many of the objects that constantly touch our face are filthy, often carrying bacteria that can cause acne and other irritation. To lose the blemishes, try to keep them clean.
  3. Sleep: These days your work can follow you everywhere. Increased interconnectivity brings all of those late afternoon emails home with you where you can’t avoid them. Instead, the only thing you end up avoiding is your bed. Your skin uses your valuable snooze-time to regenerate, sloughing off dead cells and replacing the upper layer with new, healthy skin. Lack of sleep can also be a huge contributor to high stress levels which can cause acne and long-term damage to your skin.
  4. Pillowcases: While your skin is busy regenerating at night, where do all of those dead skin cells end up? It turns out you just lie right down on top of them the next night, and the next, until you decide to wash/switch out your pillowcase. Don’t wait a month to wash those sheets college boys, swap them regularly and wash with bleach when possible. Your skin will thank you.
  5. Smoking: Some folks smoke as a social activity, while others do it to relieve stress. It seems to be common knowledge these days that smoking is bad for your health, but what exactly makes it so bad for your skin? The negative effects of smoking on your skin range from excessive wrinkling and furrow development, baggy eyelids, slack jawline, uneven skin coloring, and dry/coarse skin texture. Many of these guaranteed side effects stem from the fact that smoking tobacco causes insufficient oxygen circulation in the blood, robbing your skin of what it needs most! It also reduces innate immune responses which your skin needs to fight off potentially damaging elements and induces an enzyme that degrades collagen, another building block of your skin. The moral of this story is, if you’re a smoker and are worried about your skin, it might be best to pick up a new habit.

Now that you’re aware of what NOT to do, let’s talk about what you CAN do to improve your skin’s appearance and fight back against the curveballs life has thrown at your skin.

Masking can do wondrous things to a man’s skin, but don’t start with just any mask you find at the store. Traditional masks are made with synthetic materials that don’t naturally retain the amounts of water that your skin needs to repair itself. Biocellulose is a material that got its start in the medical field to repair severe burns and quickly reduce skin healing time. Repurposed for facial masks, biocellulose is a miracle material that we have used in all of our masks.

The Skin Revitalization Mask is particularly designed to provide your skin with all of the essential oils and moisture it needs to kick-start that regeneration process and allow your body to do the rest. Made with nature’s “survival molecule” Abyssine 657, this mask repairs and heals micro-abrasions while improving overall skin condition. This miracle molecule is found in the depths of the oceans where it thrives in otherwise impossible living conditions. We’ve harnessed those powerful qualities and translated them into an easy to use, effective mask with long-lasting effect. Abyssine 657 also helps protect your skin from future UV exposure, while ceramides join forces to restore your body’s protective barriers. For many of us the damage is already done. Let’s get to repairing it!


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