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5 Tips for Healthy Summer Skin


Cleanse Regularly

Maintaining a clean face is necessary year-round, but increased sun exposure during summer can stimulate excess oil production, making it harder to get your skin back to baseline. Your normal once-daily wash may be sufficient for cold, winter months, but the sweat and grime from an active summer day may require an additional wash in the afternoon. Slough off dead skin and grime with a pH balanced cleanser, twice daily and you will be good to go.

Stay Hydrated

Your skin contains plenty of water to boost its natural defenses and reduce fine-lines and wrinkles, so it’s no wonder we need to constantly replenish to avoid dehydration. ”Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled, which can be improved with proper hydration,” says Atlanta dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, MD. Now, chances are you don’t need the commonly mentioned 8 glasses per day, but consistently sipping water throughout the day can keep you hydrated and healthy.

However, if you are the kind of person that hates having to lug around a clunky refillable water bottle, here are some healthy foods that will help you stay hydrated and refreshed on a hot summer day:

Watermelon: 97% water

Cucumbers: 97% water

Tomatoes: 95% water

Zucchini: 95% water

Eggplant: 92% water

Carrots: 88% water

Peaches: 87% water

Roasted chicken breast: 65% water

Baked salmon: 62% water


Applying sunscreen is key to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and slowing signs of aging during the summer months. Logically, you might be the person who goes straight for the SPF 85 for maximum protection, but a higher SPF does not necessarily mean you will be more protected. Studies show that lower SPFs work just fine for most folks, with SPF 15 blocking 93% of UV rays, and SPF 30 blocking 97%. Despite the risks of excess sun exposure, don’t let it stop you from enjoying the outdoors and staying active. Just be sure to armor up with a broad spectrum SPF!

Moisturize After Sun Exposure

Unfortunately, drinking water will not provide your skin with the essential oils and hydration it needs to retain its natural elasticity and prevent fine-lines. By using a balanced moisturizing lotion or mask, you can keep your skin from overproducing its own natural oils while maintaining a neutral pH, keeping breakouts and irritation under control.

Repair and Rejuvenate Sun-Damaged Skin

We all know the tight, irritated feeling you get after a long day in the summer sun. Just in case you missed steps 1-4, there is a solution to bring your burnt, damaged skin back to life! Although the initial thought of masking for most men seems time-consuming or even unnecessary, masks allow essential oils and moisture to penetrate deep into the skin in ways that traditional lotions are not able to. For the days that you leave your sunscreen at home or fall asleep on the beach, use a mask to revitalize your skin.


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