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Dekke Hud’s Official Launch at Celebrity Connected

The weekend of September 15th in sunny Los Angeles was filled with bright lights and beautiful faces. Many of them very recognizable. It was the Honoring the Emmys 2017 event by Celebrity Connected, an exclusive group that brings popular actors, actresses, and musical artists together with some of the most innovative up-and-coming companies across many respective industries. By bringing together celebrities with these new and popular brands, Celebrity Connected facilitates a free-flowing conversation and presentation about the many amazing products that can be of use to them in their daily lives or in show business,

Dekke Hud took part in this amazing event and since you weren’t able to be there, we have recapped its biggest takeaways and what we learned from our conversations with numerous up and coming, as well as established celebrities in LA. Here’s our response to many misconceptions about skincare, and what these celebs told us!


Even big stars struggle with skincare.

Of course those flawless faces that you see on the big screen are not what they seem, but how much so? After discussing skincare with the likes of stars from recent hits like Ghostbusters and Shameless, we have realized that even off-camera these stars are on a constant hustle to stay fit, healthy, and maintain their look. And sometimes this look is far from what appears on-screen.

One of the biggest hurdles for child actors can be summed up in one word: Hormones. Imagine auditioning for a massive role with Netflix or Disney, and being criticized for such natural changes that everyone’s body goes through.

After hearing story after story of what these actors do to get their skin under control, we realized something: Most men were no stranger to masking! After going through years of skin-troubles with extremely limited options over the counter, many folks were ecstatic to be greeted by a goodie bag with many new masks for them to try.


Young or old, everyone has skin issues.

During the Celebrity Connected event we often were asked, “well what about ______ skintype?” The response was easy. By providing a mask for each skin type, we were able to help treat skin ailments that plagued men of all ages. With our biocellulose masks and gentle cleanser you can bring shine and acne under control for younger folks dealing with an over-saturation of oil, while still providing a solution for middle aged actors with dry or damaged skin. Achieving balanced water-to-oil levels is often overlooked because of misinformation in the market, and damaging over-the-counter products that throw your pH out of whack. When responding to these common questions we had one answer: “We’ve got a mask for that.”


Fitting skincare into a showbiz routine is harder than you’d think.

Many of you probably think that the workday of your average actor is a walk in the park. Free catering at every meal, massages and relaxation… Well, the boring reality of show business is more of a grind than most want to assume.

Numerous actors let us know that their skincare routine needs to be fit into tiny windows of time that they have scattered throughout the day. Auditions, to meetings, to movie sets all can be quite exhausting. Luckily we had good news for them. The Dekke Hud biocellulose masks were designed for this type of application and routine. By bringing spa-quality skincare into a brief, yet effective 15 minute session, our booth visitors left feeling quite excited to give it a shot!

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into the lives of some of the rich and famous, here are some photographs of the time we spent with them at Celebrity Connected.


Reliable, effective skincare is hard to come by. Even in Hollywood.

Sometimes it feels like every time that you go to the supermarket you are surrounded by millions of brands that you have already tried, but gave you no results. Salicylic acid treatments, oils that clog your pores and require multiple applications to see any lasting moisture are all treatments that attempt to treat a symptom and not the root-cause. Skincare can be tough for anyone and it’s no different for celebrities than it is for your average Joe.

Much of the feedback that we got from many of the actors, actresses and music artists at CC echoed this point. By providing an “unconventional” (if you will) approach to men’s skincare, we were able to bring a valuable product into open, grateful hands. Now we just wait to see their results! So next time that you think that your skincare issues are just that, YOUR skincare issues…think again.


When it comes to keeping your skin balanced and healthy, there’s only one way to go!

After running through stories of lifetimes of skincare struggles, we always came back to something that no one had tried yet: the biocellulose mask. By combining ultra moisture-retaining properties with an easy 15 minute application, Dekke Hud facial masks bring something new to the table. An approach that many visitors had never seen before was very well received, by people with all skin types. Dry, irritated, or oil-prone individuals all had plenty to share with us about their routines and how skincare fit into them. And they all agreed, Dekke Hud is the start of something new.


See more reactions from the event, below.


Photos from Celebrity Connected

Elliot Fletcher

You may know him from the hit, Emmy Award winning series ‘Shameless,’ but he also starred in Teen Choice Award winning ‘The Fosters.’ He’s here taking a look into the powers of the biocellulose mask.

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones from Teen Choice Award winning ‘Ghostbusters’ also payed us a visit at our Celebrity Connected booth. 

Olivia Stuck

Here, the beautiful and talented Olivia Stuck found us and had a chat about the natural benefits of masking.

Selita Ebanks

Although already a very accomplished actress and fashion model, Selita Ebanks was very interested in what Dekke Hud masks could do for her routine.

Will Friedle

‘Boy Meets World,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ and ‘Girl Meets World’ star Will Friedle was looking forward to getting his first mask on.


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