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Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

 Valentine's day gifts for him

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you haven’t yet figured out what to buy to your significant other, you don’t have much more time. Classic heart-shaped gifts and other traditional Valentine’s Day gifts probably don’t speak to your partner (boyfriend, husband) the same way they speak to you, which makes buying a present for a guy more complicated than buying one for a girl. Don’t panic, though, it’s not impossible. If February 14th has you scratching your head for imagination, we have rounded up a bunch of “that’s so him” ideas to help you.

Skincare Products

In the 21th century, a nourished man is a sexy man, and there is no shame in using moisturizing creams and other skincare products. Show your guy just how much you love his nurtured skin, and give him a skincare kit that contains a facial cleanser, and your choice of two types of Bio-Cellulose sheet masks that range from moisturizing maskrevitalization mask and oil control mask.

Drink Dispenser

The perfect gift for men who love their life easy and their drinks hard. Even if your partner doesn’t love consuming alcohol very much, he will be thrilled with a classy drink dispenser with a tap, because he’ll be able to brag with it to his friends. Find a dispenser with an elegant stand to display it as a part of the home décor, and fill it up with his favorite alcoholic beverage.

A Cactus

The manliest plant in existence will be an ideal replacement for a bouquet of red roses. The best thing about cactuses is that they don’t require much maintenance, so when your partner forgets to water it (and he will) there is no danger of withering.


Accessories are always a great and thoughtful gift, and you can rarely go wrong with buying your man something like a wrist watch or a belt. When choosing accessories, keep in mind his fashion style. Casual men would love to get a leather bracelet, while men who love classic gifts would be thrilled with unique men’s leather wallets.

A Book

A book is the only gift he will open over and over again. This classic gift gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to genres, authors and titles. If you don’t know exactly what your significant other would love to read, you can always go with some classic like To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee or Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes. You can also go with the biography of his favorite sportsman or band.

Geek Love

We live in glorious times when being a geek is no longer considered boring, on the contrary. If your partner has an itch for all things geeky, give him a comic book, video game or a movie themed t-shirt, mug or home accessory (e.g. a question mark lamp from Super Mario). You can also go with something more practical, like an extra Wii remote or the newest video game.

A Movie Projector

A movie projector is every movie junky’s dream, but even people who just like to sit back and watch a film from time to time will enjoy this gift. You can go all the way and get him a real-deal digital movie projector, or get a simple smartphone projector.

A Tattoo

Sometimes, all a girl wants is to make her guy convulse in agony on Valentine’s Day. Just kidding. Although painful at the moment of making, tattoos are a great and permanent gift. Just don’t be the one deciding what kind of tattoo he’ll be having. Get him a voucher and let him make that decision.

Buying V-day gifts for guys can be tricky, but we hope our little survival guide will help you buy your special man a gift he’ll love.


Peter is a men's grooming writer at The Beard Mag magazine from UK. Beside writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Follow Peter for more tips.

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