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The 3 Step Cure for Oily Skin

The 3 Step Cure for Oily Skin

Are you one of the millions that struggle with oily skin? The day-to-day battle to get that harsh shine under control takes a mental toll, and even cuts into your busy schedule. The worst part about it? All of that conventional wisdom that infomercials and old-school dermatologists are pushing might actually be doing your skin more harm than good! Let’s take a look into what causes shiny, oil-laden skin, and what you can do to tame it.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Just because you were born with a certain skin type, it doesn't mean that it is irreversible. Just as some may naturally have an effortless thin physique, those that don’t can still stay fit with exercise and proper diet.

Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones that have been blessed with a beautifully shiny forehead, here are some fundamental causes of acne and oil over-production that you need to know:

Hormones/Genetics - That’s right teenagers, there are some things that you just need to wait out. But it’s not just teenagers who often feel the effects of hormone-driven oil production and acne; it takes some until their twenties, or even thirties for those zits to calm down.

Water-Oil Balance - Your body’s natural pH and water-to-oil balance can be dictated by lifestyle and hygienic practices. By choosing the wrong skincare products, you could be harming your skin’s natural line of defense to acne-causing bacteria and oil over-production.

Stress - Whether from physical activity or just day-to-day life, stress can trigger your body’s natural inflammatory response and make your acne worse.

There have been many studies that correlate dietary needs and deficiencies to increases in acne and oil production. Among them: processed foods, low vitamin and antioxidant levels, alcohol, and even GI tract dysfunction have been shown to trigger an inflammatory response and cause acne.

Apart from some of these mildly debated causes, we at Dekke Hud can assure you of the easiest, most proven way to cut back your oil production, lose that shiny forehead, and suppress breakouts. And all it involves is a slight modification of your skincare habits.

3 Step Treatment for Oily Skin

1. Cleanse

Every morning and evening, your body needs to be scrubbed of the day’s grime and oil. If you avoid or forget to clean your face it allows oil and acne-causing bacteria to penetrate deep into your already saturated pores, clogging them and resulting in whiteheads and blackheads. By choosing a pH balanced facial cleanser, you can get your body’s natural pH and water-to-oil ratio back to baseline and stop your acne at the source.

2. Moisturize
To many with oily skin types, moisturizing might seem like an unnecessary step. If you are one of those whose face is coated in oil within an hour after cleansing, don’t write off this step just yet. Many over-the-counter cleansers you might be using will strip your skin of its natural defenses, causing it to overproduce. By following step 1 and balancing your skin with a pH-balanced lotion after every cleanse, you can avoid this overproduction and keep your skin at its natural pH.

3. Mask
Want your skin to stay the way it feels after each cleanse/moisturize? Masking is the answer. Dekke Hud’s All Day Oil Control Mask does just that. It uses medical-grade bio-cellulose technology to penetrate oil-control serum deep into every last corner of your face for lasting effects. Easy to use and quick to apply, in just 15 minutes you can kiss that shine goodbye for days! Don’t believe us? Seeing is believing.

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