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The Bio Cellulose Difference

The most common question we get asked is about the price of a Dekke Hud Mask. To explain the reason for the price, you must first understand what a Bio Cellulose mask is.

Bio Cellulose was first developed as a medical product to treat burns and festering wounds. In a way, a burn wound is the most extreme form of dry-skin. A festering wound on the other hand needs to be brought to equilibrium to heal properly. 

While you may not have severe burns or festering wounds, the technology itself is extremely beneficial to skin. The Bio Cellulose Mask is made from cultured bacteria over a period of 10-days. The Masks are all natural and do not have any chemical treatments. During the creation process, the environment the Masks are cultured in must be kept sterile and pure. This layer of medical grade complexity adds to the cost when compared to your typical sheet mask.

The main benefits of the Bio-Cellulose mask are as follows:

Moisture Retention

If you've ever used a fiber (cotton) based mask, you will notice that it is thin and feels like paper. They also dry extremely quickly, won't stick to all areas of your face, and are difficult to keep on if you move around.

When using a Dekke Hud Bio Cellulose Mask, you will notice a premium woven texture that's like a second skin. It is easy to apply and will not fall off when moving about. The mask can hold more than 100x its own dry weight in moisture and can easily stay moist for more than an hour. Due to the moisture retention properties, the first moment of application feels exactly the same as the last.

Maximum Absorption 

Because the Bio Cellulose Mask contours to your face like a second skin, it can deliver the all-important serum everywhere for maximum absorption. The entire design of the Bio mask allows serum to penetrate deeply into the pores of your skin to give you the best and most intensive results. This isn't some gimmick; it is medically proven to work better than other forms of Masks.

Hydration and Balance

If you think back to how a Bio Sheet is used medically, you will realize that it can offer both hydration and balance to your skin. For your face, this means it can deliver deep-penetrating hydration for Dry skin as well as creating a balancing equilibrium to treat Oily skin. These are benefits no other types of masks on the market can offer.

SPA-Like Results

Some men may not be comfortable going to a SPA. Others wouldn't be caught dead in one for the sake of manliness. By using a Dekke Hud Bio Cellulose Mask, you can bring the SPA to the comfort of your home (or hotel room). While the Mask may cost more compared to others, it pales in comparison to the time and money you would spend at a SPA. Besides, SPAs have hours and aren't open at 2 AM in the morning. With the Bio Cellulose Mask, you can get SPA-Like results without the hassle (or embarrassment) of going to a SPA. You will get intensive results that last for days. Our Dekke Hud Mask is like a Nitrous Boost for your skin. You don't always need it, but sometimes you just gotta win that race.

The Challenge

This is a different type of product that you've never tried before. We challenge you to try our mask and compare it with another type. Our feedback has been tremendous and we have yet to have anyone tell us that they prefer the other types of masks. Are you up to the challenge? Give it a try and the results will speak for themselves. We'll see you at the finish line.


- Dekke Hud

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