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Why Masking is the Right Move for Your Skin

Bio Cellulose Mask for Modern Men

Often when men are introduced to the practice of masking, it can seem unnecessary.

“I clean my face every day, isn’t that enough?”

This can be a common response to the seemingly time-consuming task of masking. The reality is that a good face-wash, even with the right cleanser only treats a small portion of your skins’ fundamental needs to stay healthy and refreshed. Fortunately, by utilizing one powerful component the practice of masking can be made much more effective and less time-consuming than most think.

What is Bio-cellulose?

The origins of biocellulose go back to its use in the medical field. A strong fabric of water-loving, skin-like material was developed to treat severe burns by acting like a “second skin” to heal wounds from the inside-out. Biocellulose is able to hold up to 100 times its dry weight in moisture, while keeping a tight fit to open pores and allow for maximum absorption.

But, Why Should You Care?

Assuming you are not a struggling doctor researching advancements in treatments for burn victims, this may not seem to solve any of your day-to-day skincare issues. The real benefits of bio-cellulose lie in its use in modern facial masks. Most masks you find in the store will be cotton or wood based. These fibers are coarse and do not mesh with the natural curves and contours of the skin, resulting in poor serum distribution and truly underwhelming results.

Because of its ability to retain moisture so well, one bio-cellulose mask is able to bring the amount of moisture that would normally be found in about 1/3 of a typical 50ml facial lotion bottle, in just one treatment. Imagine that amazing hydrated feeling you get after refreshing your face with a light, balanced lotion, but making it last for days!

By opening your pores and hugging every last corner of your skin, bio-cellulose masks let you keep going with your day instead of robbing you of your valuable time. They grab tight and don't let go until you are done with your treatment, allowing you to multi-task and keep enjoying yourself, whatever time of day. It just takes 15 minutes twice a week for you to reap the full benefits of these amazing masks.

Give it a shot, your skin will thank you.


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